Do you need...

Support in making life plans and changes?

Guidance in navigating gnarly transitions?

Help clearing internal blocks and self-sabotage?

Strategies to balance your nervous system?

Insights to improve your health and relationships?

I offer...

Life coaching to identify and implement goals and plans

EFT tapping to clear emotional blocks and defuse triggers

TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises)

to reset your body and nervous system to a state of relaxed alertness.

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Carla has helped me through some very difficult times. Sometimes it was a response to an urgent call for help and other times it was to help me unravel old issues that were blocking my way. Whether it be emotional or physical pain, Carla’s deep compassion, gentleness, patience, and wisdom has helped me move through issues quickly, letting my life move forward towards what I truly desire. EFT is a powerful tool in and of itself, however, a great practitioner is instrumental. Whether you are overwhelmed by the situation or just way too immersed in it, it is crucial to have outside aid. I am grateful that Carla has been there to warmly encourage me.
Sara Robledo

I learned EFT from Carla Waters and I have used it to deal with an ongoing problem in my life. I have found that EFT has helped me not only with the anxiety associated with the problem, but I believe that by calming my body and mind I have been able to deal with the problem more effectively, and from a place of greater wisdom. I would say that my anxiety related to the problem has decreased at least 80%. Carla is an excellent EFT practitioner. My experience with Carla has created a changing point for me by giving me a new way to approach the struggles of life. I have found Carla to be very attentive and empathic. Carla performs EFT with focus, from a place of love, and with great intention. She is also a good teacher. She taught me to do EFT myself. I recommend Carla to anyone who is struggling with either a current problem or with issues from the past. EFT is changing my life.
G. L.

I have worked with Carla several times. My fear of spiders is greatly diminished. I no longer “freak out” when I encounter a spider. I can even escort them out of the house, unharmed! Carla is incredibly tuned in to the needs of her clients. She is very respectful, creative, and an astute listener. She was highly skilled at pacing the work to the right speed for me. She provided me with skilled treatment that I believe no other practitioner could provide. It was careful, well thought out, and individually tailored to my needs. She takes the time to get to know a person – she listens first, and only acts when it is appropriate. She’s very approachable, and quickly puts people at ease. I am a huge fan!
Marla Dawn

Carla Waters

Certified Advanced Practitioner

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Excercises)